Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Some things are worth 10 hours on a bus

We figured out how to make applesauce on the stove! Extra delicious because that does not exist in this country! 

Helping out in a standard Honduran kitchen--I was assigned to fire duty. Thank you, girls camp.

 Hello! It's another sunny day out here in Copán Ruinas and I am just loving life!

This week we had the TREMENDOUS blessing to have a conference with Elder Adrián Ochoa of the 70. Turns out he was in town to talk to the San Pedro Sula East mission (whereas we are the West mission) (West side=best side) and President Dester asked him if he might be able to find time to address us. Well, President must have asked really nicely because on Wednesday morning, only a few hours from his flight home that afternoon, Elder Ochoa and his wife Nancy joined President and Sister Dester in one of the best conferences I have attended in my life! It was absolutely wonderful!

Just a few key points:

1. President Dester incoked a blessing from heaven for us that we would be surrounded and protected by angels, but bore testimony that their job will be a lot easier if we will just be obedient! There are so many times in life that we put ourselves into dangerous situations because of our own disobedience, and then we expect the Lord to work a miracle and save us. Maybe He will anyway, but it is so much easier if we will just be obedient! We already have the instructions to safety and happiness--why not just follow now?

2. Sister Dester read to us from 3 Nefi about how Christ looked upon His disciples praying and "the smile of His face fell upon them." We talked about working hard so that we may live in the light of Christ's smile and shine with His happiness. That became one of my new mission goals.

3. Sister Ochoa descibed her conversion story for us, and while she had never talked to the missionaries before she was taught, she had seen them. They had never stopped to talk to her. And when she heard the gospel, she accepted it right away because she received a testimony that it was true and there was nothing left for her to waste time over. There really are prepared people waiting for us. We just check for them in every nook and cranny and then we see mighty changes of heart.

4. Elder Ochoa expressed so much love for us. He described the goals of the mission and the area (like all of Central America, that area) and said we were already doing what we needed to be doing. He told us that he loved us, that the Lord loves us, and that if we will keep doing what we're doing--keeping our covenants and helping others to make and keep covenants--we will be more than successful.

So anyway, really awesome day. The process of getting there was less awesome: bus to la Florida for a meeting Tuesday morning (2 hours), another bus to La Entrada after that meeting (30 minutes), afternoon and night spent in La Entrada, waking up at 3:30 to catch a bus to San Pedro (3 hours), no time for breakfast, bus terminal for lunch, 5 hours home, no time to go work Wednesday night...but it's alright! It was totally worth it! And we heard from President Dester that he's going to come to us to conduct tri-monthly interviews, so we won't have to travel for those and Sister Dester, like the wonderful mission mother that she is, reimbersed our bus. So it's okay. We even almost got done what we get done on a week that we don't miss two days, so it's fine.

We found a few new neighborhoods this week. I say found because they are so well hidden in the mountains that we had no idea they existed, and yet they are no further than 10 minutes from places we have already visited. One sister in the ward, Juana, towed us up the mountain (although we handled it a lot better than we have in the past) to meet several of her children. She and her husband just recently were sealed in the temple and suddenly more than half of her children have expressed interest in investigating the church or reactivating. Blessings! We were really glad to meet them, especially a daughter named Adelina who is really showing a true desire. I'll keep you posted.

We're pressing right along with fam. Hernandez. Julio Cesar walked his kids to church but didn't stay. He also hasn't been in our lessons this week. BUT President wrote in his weekly email that he would really like to meet this family and suggested that he and Sister Dester could accompany us to have a lesson with them when they come for interviews. OKAY! So that should be awesome. We also talked with Sonia about receiving a priesthood blessing for comfort and direction, and that's happening tomorrow. I know there's a miracle waiting for this family. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for them.

Other random news: we finally had a semi-legit branch counsel meeting and it was a hit(!), we found a lot of new invesitgators this week, they are FINALLY calling someone to the Primary so I'm not teaching this Sunday (Word up!) and Hermana Miller is completing her 8 months on the mission today! Next Wednesdsay I'll have a whole year! SCARY! I am shocked and amazed by how time is just flying but I am so glad that I can be here in the service of the Lord!

I love this Gospel, I love my Savior, and I love this mission! The Church is true! Go tell everyone all about it!

So much love,
Hermana Pickett

The Miller/Pickett companionship! It's the greatest!

We found my prince charming in the bathroom, but then I remembered missionaries aren't allowed to kiss their princes. Shame.

I reunited with Hermana Gardner, and she shared her new mission motto: Slacking off never was happiness

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