Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Week and I'm Loving It!

July 9, 2013 ¡Hola Padres! I´'m in México and at the MTC. They gave me a name tag! I'm legit! It's a lovely and temperate evening, I'm struggling with a bit of a headache (I know, super Jane Austen moment) but mostly everything is great! My companion's name is Sister Porter and she's adorable, we're already getting along super well. So I don't know what day my Pday is in the MTC, so don't get scared if you don't get an email on Monday, it will come eventually! I'm so glad I'm here. I'm so excited to be a missionary. The Church is true and I want to tell everyone about it! Love you both! (and if you want to let the family know I'm alive, that might be good!) Con todo mí corazon! Emily The MTC in Mexico City or as Emily says, The CCM Emily Pickett Jul 16 !Hola familia! Let's just start by saying I love it here! I absolutely love it, and I love being a missionary-in-training, and I love learning about the gospel all day (and I mean ALL day, every day). Lo me gusta! Ok, and now the report. We dove right on in on Wednesday. Our teachers (one americano and one latino, Hermanos Rockwood and Ramírez) really try to speak in spanish all of the time, so there{s a lot of Spanish learning going on. It{s funny because every time I remember how to say a word I learned in high school, it{s a really big surprise. Unless it{s while we{re teaching a lesson (to a puesdo investigador) (and yes, I meant to spell it that way) in which case I know it's the Spirit helping me out. Oh my goodness, talk about constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. He's pushing me, but he's right there with me. It's awesome. So we're learning Spanish and learning about the gospel. My companion's name is Hermana Natalie Porter and we are the perfect companionship. I kid you not. She gets all of my movie references AND she makes just as many as I do, though we try to keep eachother in line as to what is mission appropriate and what is not :). Our district (7B) has a slight ADHD problem...especially the elders...like really a lot. But we love them all. We have two that are 18 and one that just turned 19 on Monday, and those three are precious. (Elders Mathieson, Moyes, and Hafen). And Hermana Poter and I really have a soft spot in our hearts for Elderes Dial and Pearl, because they pointed out and then played with these two adorable kids on campus, which, of course, led to an AWWWWWW moment from us. What girls we are! And then there's Elder Wallentine (Elder Hafen's companion) and Elder Antunez (Elder Long's companion--we'll get back to him) who are both kind of soft spoken and respectful, which is nice in that great big room of ADHD. And then there's our DL, Elder Long, who Hermana Porter thought I was going to have to yell out our first day here. But, turned the other cheek, and Ihe hasn't done anything worth yelling at since. I think all of them have potential to be really great missionaries, and I know that Sister Porter is a great missionary already. We're a fun group! We've been teaching an "investigator" named "Gabriel" and that's been going pretty well. He's going to stop drinking and he's seriously considering baptism, so we're doing pretty well. My only frustration is when we're sitting there on a spiritual high and we ask him how he's feeling (and there's just a WAVE of the Spirit) and he's like "Meh...bien. Feliz. Pero el mismo." (Like saying, it's fine, but it's the same as I felt before). We think the actual teacher who is portraying Gabriel is holding out on us. But we'll get there! We just need to get him to commit to baptism before any of the elders do :) The food here is really interesting, but pretty good. I couldn't handle the tamales, becuase they were too picante, but hopefully some of the blessings of the call will transfer to my tastebuds! We live in casas with 14 other sisters, half of whom are latinas. The latino missionaries who are serving in Mexico come here for 12 days, so we'll get three rounds of new roommates while we are here. But we love them, and it is great to practice Spanish with them! We went to the temple today, and it was fabulous! The session was definitely in Spanish, and I got most of it because I know it pretty well in English, but I just kept reminding myself that the sister's work I was doing could understand every word. Now, repeating things when it came time for that...different story. That was hard. She was talking very quickly. But we got around to it in the end, so it was okay. It is so beautiful here. It's not too hot and the humidity isn't too bad. Hermana Porter and I like to run for our exercise hour (9 laps of running 200 yds and walking 200 yds yesterday--we felt good about that!) and then it feels pretty warm, but other than that it's okay. I'm usually pretty tired but I'm so happy and so excited to be here. This is the Lord's work and I would give up anything to do it, so a bit of energy and the next 18 months is nothing! Specific notes: Annie: How'd Hailey like her dress? Becca: How'd you like that skirt? Bill: I am sure you will pass your test. I'm not even nervous for you! Casey: Way to pass your boards! You're that much close to writing "Casey Pickett, MD" on your diet books! Mary: The track here is gravel. Reddish gravel. Like a normal track, but they didn't glue it all together. It's weird, but it's probably great for shock absorbtion, right? I love you guys, and I miss you! They taught us how to pray for our families in Spanish on the first day, so I've been praying for you! Yo se qué la iglésia de JesuCristo de los santos de lost últimos dias solo es la verdadera iglésia en este mundo y sé qué JesuCristo vive! Se amo! Otra véz, love you all! Hope to hear from all of you! P.S. I'm two minutes over time, so I'll send pictures next week! Love you!
In front of the Temple

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