Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Month Down Almost

The District She talks so much about Emily Pickett Aug 6 Hello family! Thanks SO much for all of my birthday email. I wish I had been able to read it yesterday, but it was still wonderful today. I'm going to ask for special permission to open those videos in the other computer lab because the ones in here don't have sound. But it was awesome to see everyones smiles! And Mom, I did get that sheet music, thanks so much. Sister Porter (who is also going to San Pedro Sula, I meant to mention that before) and I are so excited! So, this week was pretty full and pretty great. We watched a video last Tuesday after I emailed you of Elder Holland speaking at the MTC. We watch videos of him a lot, but that is so beyond ok. We are really getting the feel for having a lesson prepared but allowing ourselves to part with it in order to teach by the Spirit. In our lesson yesterday I literally had to lay my hand on Hermana's shoulder and tell her just a minute and then totally switch gears so I could tell our investigator what the Spirit was pressing me to say. And the look of confusion and concern on his face just melted away. It was a miracle, and I love that kind of miracle. We're still struggling a little with the district, but I'm focusing on making positive and loving comments and I only cast judgements on myself instead of others, so the struggle is a little less. Hermana's keeping me in line. Akin to an angel, that one :) We have a new investigator--we're calling him Doug. He's actually a really good friend of one of our teachers, but he's been struggling with some really hard stuff in the year after his mission, and he won't open up to us at all. But we've surrendered the need for him to tell us everything and let us in--we're just exerting all of our energy to get him close enough to the Spirit to want to change. He's getting there. Our other two investigators are progressing towards their baptisms very nicely, we're so happy and excited for them. We keep finding out fun and funny things about the elders in our district and the other missionaries in our zone, so that's fun. It's a little bit more of an adventure every day. And first fast sunday on the mission wasn't too bad at all. We played a kind of super intense game of volleyball right after we started fasting on Saturday, so the thirsty was a little hard core, but the rest wasn't too bad. I felt bad, though, because none of the elders in my district have ever fasted for 24 hours before. They thought they were going to die, but they didn't. We watched a very heartfelt talk from Elder Holland on Sunday and then the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie Sunday night, so there were a could of tears shed that day. It happens. So, birthday in the MTC was different, but still ok. I think I'll like it better in the field and I can focus on working all day instead of sitting (I love studying, don't get me wrong). Hermana got me a little cupcake and stuck a piece of candy in the middle for a candle, and she sang and I blew my imaginary candle out, and my district sang to me (though not very enthusiastically, but they're 19 year old boys, so I'll cut them a break). But the cake taker was a scheme devised between my companion and this sweet companionship that lives in our house, Hermanas Curtis and Elms. They snuck into our classroom while we were at gym time and stuck little notes everywhere that all said cute, funny, loving things. They're all in my journal so I'll have to show you when I get home. And then they orchestrated a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday at dinner, and a whole lot of people joined in, so that was cool. Also, a really funny elder from our zone presented me, thoughout the day, with a fork, a knife, and a spoon. He's coming to our mission. We're psyched about that. But enough about me! For starters, Happy Late Birthday to Annie and Addy! And Happy Early Birthday to Becca! I love you guys and I'm sad I won't be there to sing to you, but I'll be there two birthdays from now! Also, Mother, PLEASE be careful with yourself! No more falling off of ladders, ok? That's not cool at all! And Daddy, thanks for those pictures, they were so sweet. Also thanks for pics to Annie, I loved them. Oh, and a random note I forgot. We parodied One Day More into One Day More (until it´s P-day). It's pretty awesome. We like it a lot. I am so glad to be here and to be doing this work. The Lord loves His children and is calling them home. I am so grateful that He trusts me to be one of His messengers. I love you all! Can't wait to here from you next week!
Ready for the morning jog. Really Emily is jogging, who knew?

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