Tuesday, August 13, 2013

¡La última correo electronico del CCM!

Emily Pickett August 13, 2013 Hi family! It's my last week in the MTC! How insane is that? Pretty full week, but that's how I like it! Last Tuesday night we had a really great devotional from Jeffry R. Holland (not live, unfortunately). I just love that man. He's great. I didn't bring my journal today, so we'll have to see what I can remember beyond that... Pretty much, we have really good lessons from our teachers every morning and afternoon, and we teach an investigator either once or twice a day. One of our investigators, Doug, (who I think I´ve mentioned but he's one of our teacher's friends who's really been struggling lately) we telling us at the end of a lesson that he couldn't have hope because he felt like God didn't believe in him. And I was washed over by the Spirit like a wave and it was like I could hear a voice telling me "That's not true. That's My son, and I believe in Him. You take care of him for me, Emily" And then I tried to tell Doug that, but might have started crying. I haven't ever been that intensely exposed to the profound love that God has for all of His children, and the sorrow He feels when we are not with Him. But I think the Spirit that was there communicated the message for me, so we're okay. Hermano Rockwood, who was portraying Doug, is going home tomorrow, so we finished our last lesson with him, and it seems that we've finished with our other two investigators as well. We had a new one yesterday named Jorge, and I don't think our maestro was expecting the power and testimony that we brought to that lesson, but we're skipping the "foam" on the hot chocolate and getting right to the good stuff, because that's what we've been taught to do. And it was pretty awesome. It's a pretty cool thing to have the Spirit either with you or around you all the time, but then you do something and it's like a Spiritual surge. I love that feeling. We're definitely getting along better as a district. We're definitely not as tight as some other districts here, but we're working on it. Our elders find a way to crack me up every day. Elder Mathieson's dad found this service that will deliver a box of donughts or a pizza to your missionary, so he got fresh Krispy Kremes the other day. They came with the little paper hats the workers wear, so he wore his hat through our afternoon classes. And Elder Hafen was trying to get ink out of his shirt last night, so I told him to go buy some hairspray, but he told me he already has some. And everyone looked at him incredulously, so he gestures to his hair and says "You think this happens all by itself?" It was pretty funny. They're all good kids, and I really think they'll be good men after the mission. Hermana and I like to say "They're not done baking". We're excited to see the end product. Hermana Porter continues to be my hero. She is constantly positive and she brings the Spirit with her wherever she goes. Every time someone asks if there are any companionship problems in our district or branch, I sit there and think "The only problem with my companionship is that it's too awesome, so I'll probably miss it for the rest of my mission" Seriously though, I love this girl. She is so loving and fabulous. I'd be completely lost without her. Also, still running, but it seems like my body isn't really built for it. I got this mysterious but wicked pain in my right knee on Friday and Saturday, and Hermana made me go to the doctor. He didn't feel anything abnormal, but he gave me so painkillers that worked pretty darn well. I'll have to send you the names so Mom and Casey can go all medicine on me and tell me what I ingested. Also, my achilles tendons have this habit of getting painfully tight when I run, and Hermana's trying to help me recover from that, but Meme, if you have any good ideas I'm ready for those. But I'm pushing right on through! I want to run and I'm going to! If I remember more details I can send them along with pictures later. Also, anyone wanting to send me pics, you can just attach them in an email. That works fine. We're going to the temple today, and we haven't been able to go for a long time because it's been closed. The session is kind of tough in Spanish, but I know how to pronounce sacerdocio (priesthood) now, so that will help a lot. I love you all, and I love this work. I love the Lord, I love His gospel, and I am so glad that He trusts me enough to carry His word to His children. And Mother, thank you for that package! It got to me last Wednesday, which means a package sent however you sent it only takes 6 days! That is unprecedented! It was like a miracle--thank you so much. I felt so loved :) Todo mi amor, Hermana Pickett
This is Em's battle scar from playing volley ball. This mission is bringing out all sorts of colorful things in her.

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