Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pickett and Miller--We mean, You're Welcome


I hope that everyone has had just as wonderful of a week as I have had! And I know what you're thinking: But Sister Pickett, you live in Honduras and you're serving in one of the hardest areas of your mission! How wonderful could your week have possibly been? Let me tell you--it was WONDERFUL! 

So on Monday, we did have to go around so that Hra Cumatz could say goodbye to people. That wasn't that wondeful because it was kind of sad. But I got to hear that marvelous little Chapina's testimony lots of times and that was definitely a spiritual lift, so I loved it. We left rather early on Tuesday, suitcases in tow (transfers are a three day process here in Copán) to go to our zone meeting, and then spent the day with Hra Robertson and Hra Cardona in La Entrada. It was kind of awkward, because we just hung out with them in a large group of missionaries while Hra Robertson said goodbye to people...but it's okay! There was a massive rainstorm and Hras Rodas and Andrade from La Florida (they came later in the afternoon--slumber party with the sisters!) made something that was kind of like hot chocolate, but corn and cinnamon flavored, to warm us all up. Delicious! Corn--it's still what's for dinner! 
last pic before transfers--we had to get on a bus at 5:15! Gross!

We went to our cambios meeting at 5:15 on Wednesday morning, with twenty people in an 18 passenger bus, so that was various types of uncomfortable, but this cambios meeting held in store what I can now safely say is the most incredible blessing of my mission. Her name is Hra Miller and she is THE BEST COMPANION IN THE WORLD! (yes, those capital letters were very necessary). She was actually serving in a different part of Copán (Santa Rosa) and totally did not feel ready to leave this zone. Good thing she didn't! She is exactly what this area needs and who I was praying for to come, and she says this area is exactly what she wanted when she came on the mission. We're getting along so well we are scared every time the phone rings that our ZL is going to tell us we have emergency changes. If that ever happens, we're just going to hang up and disconnect the phone. We're staying together for 12 weeks minimum! (feel free to add that to your prayer list for Hra Pickett--that she and Hra Miller can stay together for a long time). But Hra Miller is perfectly lovely, she comes from a family of 5 girls in Boise, ID, and I just love her more and more every day. I am very excited about this companionship. 

The area is still hard, but that's okay. We move slowly but steadily forward in the Lord's work, and we see little victories all the time. I love this work so much, and I love these people that I am able to serve. Missions are the best! At cambios meeting, one of the elders who was heading home said to start "I don't know quite what to do, because the thing that I love best is ending." And I decided that that's how much I want to love my mission. I want to love it best, because my mission is my time to serve my Savior, and I love Him best. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that this is His true church. My life is the best! 

Con tanto amor, 
Hermana Pickett

Beautiful new baby born to the ward! Hra Cumatz was present for five months of this pregnancy and got to meet this little guy in our last cita before transfers! Blessings!

 The bird park has this great bridge for picture taking. But it was pretty funny, Hra Cumatz could have gotten a better shot if she climbed up on this wall, but she's not as committed to "the picture" as Dad is!

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Birds! So many beautiful birds! Last Week Emily and her companion visited a bird park.  I think she was overwhelmed by the color and beauty.  Thus the many bird pics.

I thought there was a piece of wood in our pana below the sink. Luckily, I realized what it was before I stuck my fingers in to remove it. Love Honduras!

I think this girl and I will get along quite well, don't you?

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