Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

I LOVE my companion! 

This little boy decorated my hair. It was pretty cool.

This morning, Sister Miller and I said, "It's Memorial Day! Well, the pool's open, let's go!" How funny we are. Missionaries don't swim, and public pools don't exist here! But I hope that everyone is enjoying the first day of United States summer season!

We had a really great week! Dark cloud moment: last Sunday, I woke up feeling kind of sick to my stomach, and ended up slightly sick to my stomach, and then thought, "Well, that was weird and uncomfortable. Glad that's over!" Yeah, that definitely didn't end on Sunday and I stayed slightly stomach sick all week. Bummer. But other than living under a temporary ban from milkshakes (ouch) I am a-ok!

We found a TON of new investigators this week, which is always really exciting. I like it a lot that when new people are introduced to a situation, we don't have to do that awkward "Oh...well, we're talking to them right now, so..." thing. We just share the gospel with EVERYONE! And it turns out that most people are willing to let us come back. Crazy! Especially note worthy this week is a young man named Eric, who had been taking the discussions before but had fallen out of contact with the missionaries. He came to church, he accepted a baptismal date in the first visit, and he already loves the gospel! We love him! I'll keep you all posted on Kevin watch, but here's a spoiler--I'm pretty sure it ends well.

This week we had the blessing of having exchanges with the Sister Leader Trainers, Hermana McCuistion and Hermana Rodas. Not only were our respective hours with them great (I was with Hra Rodas and Hra Miller was with Mac Daddy) but that wonderful, wonderful group of gringos from last Sunday took all six of us missionaries (four sisters, two elders) out to dinner. WE LOVE THEM! Next time you think of me in the mission and think, Poor Sister Pickett, roughing it out there in Hondras. What can we do for her? I'll tell you: love your missionaries. They are far away from home and they're doing their best to carry on a marvelous work and a wonder, and sometimes it's hard. So just love them! It makes a world of difference!

On Wednesday (aside from the awesome conversation with an inactive member about how Mormons are not Catholics, thank you very much) we had a branch activity...which only four people came to. That was less than what we were hoping for. But on the up side, two of those people were a less active (Gelvin) and his "wife" (Alma), who up utill recently have had absolutely no interest in the church but are definitely experiencing a mighty change of heart. I think by the time we can actually have a lesson with them (his schedule is nuts) she'll already want to be baptized.

We had a marked improvement in the effectiveness of our english class this week, in our mission coordination meeting (side story: when I took Hra Miller to meet the 1st counselor in the branch presidency, she asked him what his calling was and he said "I was the 1st counselor, but they've probably released me by now." But he came to the meeting and then totally came to church on Sunday! Word up!), our church attendance from members--there are good things happening in Copán. Thanks for everyone's combined prayer power, because it's working.

I love my mission, and I so love my life right now! I love Hra Miller: we go running every morning, we have the same sense of humor, and she is building my testimony every day, just to name a few reasons. I love that I am a missionary, and I love that I have this miraculous opportunity to serve the Lord. Life is so good!

¡Felíz semana a todos!
Hermana Picke
We found this little guy in our bathroom. We sadly reached the decision that he would be happier outside

Hra Harmon found me at zone conference--love this girl!

We passed a kid in the street who had his pet grasshopper on a string. We did a double take and had to take a picture

We climbed a MOUNTAIN on Sunday, but we found some inactive members and there was an awesome view! Worth it! 

one more from the ruins--I thought Dad would have loved these stairs in the jungle! They were cool!

We discussed the need for a bulletin board at our coordination meeting, and then Hra Miller and I made one. Hurray for relief society skills! 

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