Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Let's just all take a minute to bask in how great General Conference was...

Now then, hello! This really has been one of my favorite weekends of the year. I spent the whole week telling EVERYONE "And you should come to church on Sunday, because we're going to listen to the prophet! That's right, a real, live prophet, and twelve apostles to boot! It's the best thing ever!" And then, to make it even better, for the first time in my mission, I am in an area with a satelite. Yes, that's right: I finally got to watch general conference in English.

3 big thoughts:

1. Elder Robbins was not kidding around. We can't go half way on obedience. Decide which way you face and don't settle to let the world turn you around.

2. It seems like the time is coming that we're going to have to have some pretty serious trust in the counsel of the prophet and the apostles. The good part is that, after three consecutive talks were directed toward President Monson, he then directed us toward the Savior. The prophet will not lead us astray, because he will always lead us to Christ. Start strengthening that testimony now, because it seems like we're all going to need it soon.

3. Questions get answered in General Conference (for example, Dad, have you considered using Elder Oaks' talk to resolve the issues in your seminary class?) Trust in the Lord and His ability to answer you through the voices of His servants.

What made conference even better was that eight of our investigators were able to accompany us there. Bairon was there to hear Elder Bednar say "I will address myself specifically to those who are not members of our church" and also said that the priesthood session was awesome. Fam. Tabora Sorto, oneof the families I mentioned last week, showed up Sunday morning, even though the wife had said she would never come in pants (she came, pants and all). We also had a family called Quintanilla Garcia, who has heard of the Church previously from their member (and temple married) cousins in the States, and came a couple of times a couple of years ago, but are showing a whole new interest. We haven't had the opportunity to visit with these families yet, but I am so excited to ask them what impressions they felt as they saw and heard for the first time a true prophet of God.

I am so grateful to be a part of this Church, and especially a part of the 88 thousand missionaries bringing this message to all the ends of the earth. Each time someone spoke of the missionaries, I smiled and thought, "Hey, I'm one of those." I am so glad to be serving my Father in His vineyard, and so amazed at the richness of blessings He never ceases to pour out upon me as I can put in my small obedience, as imperfect as it still is. I love Him and I love this work.

I hope that everyone has a great week! Enjoy the leaves changing colors and never hestitate to go back for seconds and thirds of the spiritual feast we enjoyed this past weekend!

Hermana Pickett

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