Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hi parents!

I don't usually put these on the blog but I thought there was some good stuff in here that she might want to remember late.  ( input from mom)

Hi parents, I usually send each of you an email but there was a fight with the computer and I'm kind of short on time. Sorry, bad daughter moment. Anyway, I just wanted to remind you guys that I love you and miss you a lot! But it's less than two months before we can all chill in a Google Hangout (I checked and we can use any program we like, so we can have a whole family party!)

Mom, please do not beat yourself up too much making your yard look beautiful or baking bread for mary's wedding. I know you want to make everything perfect, but seriously, I'm praying that your stress level can stay in check, so help the Lord out on this one :) I love you so much and I will report back on the success of the cinnamon rolls.

Dad, I'm sorry that Annie tricked you into a TRX class. I already sent her a note asking nicely that she not break you. I am so grateful that you sent me those pictures. I'm planning on printing them out tomorrow so that I can have them to look at when ever. Also, thank you for your priesthood line of authority (lines). I think that will be really helpful.

Pretty good week. Hra. Escalante helped me realize that there is United States friendly and there is Honduras friendly, and if you settle for US friendly, the Latinos think that you are selfish and rude. So I had a lesson in humility this week, a lesson in how to apologize for something unspecific, a lesson in how to listen, and a lesson in how to friend. I think I'm gonna be a lot better of a daughter/friend/roommate/person when I get home. Who knows, I might even start going on dates. Shocker.

I bought my hammock today, which is going to be a shared hammock for the six months following my mission. You should probably 1. start getting pretty psyched and 2. consider places inside the WA and Eden homes wherein I can string up a hammock. That's important.

I love you guys! I love our family! Dad, I really want some bridals of Mary real soon! I hope all is well and I know the Lord will take care of you for me! Oh, and Mother, Christmas music and maybe some clothing replacements might be good for Christmas. I'm already down two skirts and two tops, though I did buy a replacement skirt today (pictures next week). Solid colors are good!

SO much love! --Em

PS Mom, I got a letter from you that I wasn't even expecting this week. That was as good as Christmas. Thank you so much, it made my week! 

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